September 3, 2015


If you ever feel like you're going in circles and not 'moving' forward; exerting effort with little to show for it; stop where you are and remember. 

We are here to reveal the stars that reside in each others' worlds. 

Your acts ripple through countless lives. 

Your breath alone breathes life into our lungs. 

You have impacted many without knowing it. 

You have been seen and loved, even if the words haven't graced your ears. 

Trust that. Feel that. 

This truth does not exist in proof or in measurable results. It can't. You see, it would be physically impossible to measure the magnitude of your life on this earth. There is no scale, no measurement, no accounting in tangible format for visible proof. It is in the fibers of all that pulsates and breathes. So you must believe in the felt, in the heart, in the magic, in the silence, and in the glow that swells from the depths of you. 

I have learned to respond rather than to react. I have gained a desire to be of service rather than a need to win a race. I intend to make choices based on love rather than fear. The culmination of experiences and events in my life have led me here. The greatest of all may be that I have a clear need to create the life I love. As simple and as majestic as that. 

And maybe that's enough to remind me how far I have come. 

So have you. 

And so it is. 

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