September 3, 2015

To my love

Feel everything. Every-Thing. In darkness, hopelessness, and storms, always trust in your deepest of hearts that you know the sun is there. Be open to life. Pave the way now so that throughout it, you see and feel every sunrise, every sunset and every moment in between. It is all a gift. Allow your soul to have a direct connection to this life. There is no use in hiding your beautiful light. Let it shine without asking for permission or apology. 

May your purpose and passions be yours and yours alone. Pleasing others for that sake alone will only diminish your ability to truly touch souls. Question the should's, when they arise. Avoid pleasing for that sake alone, altogether. Me included. Especially for me. Pleasing your own heart is and always will be, enough. It is everything. Please remember that sacred truth and BE it, my love. 

You are always enough. 

May you recognize the sun always at your face.  May you trust that grace is always watching over you; guiding you through lessons to help you reach higher. Lessons to heal your heart and allow your soul to sing. May gratitude leave your lips as constantly and easily as breath. They are one in the same. Recognize this life is a gift and everything in your path is there for a reason, my love. 

You will always have a family. We will be your net to catch you. We will be ears to listen to every unspoken and rumbled word. We are eyes to watch in awe as you shine. We love you more than you could imagine. There will be times when you won't be able to. Our love is here all the same. 

Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for gracing us with your heart and spirit. We are better because of you and will always strive to evolve higher; to show you examples of the boundless possibilities, and expansive love that is available to you in this lifetime. May you live your most beautiful life, my darling. 

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