December 28, 2014

The only way

Life is feeling more like love these days. It seems like the kind of love that you end up fighting for without even knowing it. Fighting for the hope of its existence. You've been battling with what you don't want, only knowing what you want to feel. You go through this long, twisting, wringing-out of your soul, to find what is left over. It's what you needed to release so that you could finally stand without being diluted by a version of you; So that you can give the fullest expression of you. It's the sudden realization you've been at it for a while; negotiating and wrestling with the veils. The pearl that remains is the love you have. Ironically and logically, the love you've always carried with you and everything else got in its way. Now you know. 

Life has been a wringing out of excess. It's been a twisting and contorting into shapes to exhaustedly find the sweet relief in letting go. To find that in the end, what's left in the stillness and silence of my gut is one sole response:

To live and to create what I want to see in the world. To live my experience; the mosaic of a path I have pieced; the experiences that present themselves along the way; designing as I feel my way through, putting them together into focus of what I see as beautiful and what this world may need. There is no other option. That path becomes what I need to see. To feel. To believe in. 

Maybe love is like that, too. It comes along and is given back to you as a beautiful expression; a culmination of what you need to see. What you need to feel. What you believe in.