August 31, 2015

We carry dreams in our pockets

We carry dreams in our pockets. Gathering and secretly storing them. That alone gets us through most days. We wait until the sun fades. Feeling safe and spared from another day of revealing what we aren't prepared to see in ourselves. 

We then empty our pockets and throw our secret visions into the night sky; watching our hearts burst open - silently, pleading the stars for answers. Praying for those hand-picked silent dreams to transform us.                                                 

It was the last time. I made the choice. I cleared away what has held me back. It took years to figure it out and a day to decide. I sobbed in gratitude. There's always a way. You can start again anytime. Just as silently as those gathered dreams and as intentionally as the decision to manifest them into life. 

It has to start with the courage to love. Love yourself enough to thank your present. Love what you do and your style of doing it. Love the paths crossed. Love every lesson. It is all there for YOU. Choose based on love rather than the fear of not getting it. 

Do yourself a favor. Reach into your pocket and pull out every one of those dreams. Those dreams you keep to yourself and repeat like a mantra in your heart. The ones that make you excited every time. The ones that you can't shake. Lay them out, one by one. Give them life. Talk about them. Tell someone. Don't wait any longer. Take a step forward. Inspiration is useless without a verb behind it. It is all on its way, waiting for you to bring it into your life. 

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