August 31, 2015

You are surely imperfect

You are surely imperfect. 

You should know that. 

A living puzzle.
Scraps bound together by the stickiness of frustration, the dampness of fear, the magnetic excitement of wonder, hope, love, and the soft landing into surrender. Each piece as colorful, unique and unexpectedly precise as the next. We take it all apart. Examine. Question. Force pieces that don't fit. And once we have had enough and feel ready, we observe. We step away and look at ourselves from a distance, to see the art we've made with what we were handed. 

As much as we try to figure ourselves out, we secretly know it's an endless pursuit. The questions multiply with each potential response. We want more and more, knowing there is nothing to grasp; nothing to attain. A bland uneasiness we feel as we search for something we can't define. What a laborious and fruitless treadmill run. We confine ourselves to this itchy turtleneck thinking it will make us better. 

You are surely imperfect.

 It was written in the stars long before you ever began thinking that you-being-you, wasn't enough. I wonder what made us create that thought in the first place. Tell that moment to go to fuck itself; that first moment that led to so many myths of inadequacy. So many efforts to mask yourself. 

Don't just give it a rest. Give it up all together. Let yourself be. 

You weren't born perfect. You didnt lose the ability to become perfect. You never had it. This striving you do. This tiresome pushing and collecting of the not enough's. All in an effort to reach something that will never be because it isn't you. This roller coaster of 'achievements' for someone else's game.  

Whatever you are searching for or hiding from, already lives within you.

You are surely imperfect. Each and every impeccable imperfection was designed for you. Lean into that. Listen to that. Make art with that. Thank this mosaic of you. Nothing more is needed. No outside ingredients to add. It will all unfold, one messy and masterful piece at a time. There are no mistakes. There is no right or wrong answer. 

You are the answer. 

You, my sweet, are surely and wonder-fully, perfectly designed. 

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