August 31, 2015

Wisdom begins in wonder

Take a step back.  Find some space from the work. Release the effort. Look how far you have come, you beautiful human. 

You have been digging and walking; recalibrating and churning. All of the while, unsure of where this is all going and the worth of results unseen. 

Your knowledge has circled this Earth and reached more lives than you will ever truly know. 

You joy and dedication has inspired and rooted seeds for generations to come. 

Yes, you. 

You think that your life is small? That you may not have much to show for the leaps you take in those shoes? That your courageous heart isn't seen or felt?

What's left after the work and the notion of a consequence is released? 

Give thanks. Often. Redesign. Break patterns. 

Can you redefine so that there is no recognition? So that there are no labels or lines drawn? Instead of working harder, can you release and find the courage to be light? Can you let go of the effort and striving to get somewhere? 

Standing where you are right now, my darling, you have touched so many. 

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