November 11, 2015

Remind me

Remind me dear spirit. Remind me when the wind comes again and I mistake the bending at my roots with weakness. Remind me that this sway and fluid body is not survival or proof that I can't keep it all in order. Remind me that it's not my job. Predictability is a staged and forced state, robbing our breath of its existence as our guide. 

Remind me gentle heart. Remind me that when I want to surrender all effort, it is not a sign of failure or a display of life's lack of love towards me. When my heart is weary, remind my heartbeat that it is merely time to rest. I am being reminded to fall into surrender and unclench the struggle. Oh gentle heart, remind me that opening is the only way to see and be seen; to love and be loved. It is the epicenter of our existence. 

Remind me of faith, graceful soul. This body hasn't carried you for very long. It forgets that the earth always cradles my body; securely firming up into me. Falling is merely an illusionary sensation. Remind me to allow myself to be held by our Mother Earth. She always has us. This body frets about the unknown. Remind me that you always know the way. Faith and trust are tickets to the next and it is up to me whether I choose to enjoy the ride or worry along the way. We end up at the same place regardless, through to the next reveal, that all is well. All is always well. Remind me, graceful soul, to embody that knowing. 

When I deny my flexibility and fight for a result, remind me that the pieces fall into place for my highest good. Remind my ego that possession is nothing but a mirage of safety. Remind me, my uninhibited spirit, that it is up to me how high I am willing to fly. How grand I am willing to feel joy in any circumstance. How much light I exude. How willingly I to trust that I am, enough. 

In the despair of the discomfort, remind me that my body responds to my heart. Allow my heart to lead it through always. The body responds to the heart as if it had never been held down; as if it wasn't aware that it's wings were invisible. Like a lover's gaze in awe of your magic, the body can save the world with the heart behind it. 

Remind me my compassionate soul, that my boiled anger is always welcome. That these fits of tears and resistance for what is, only bring me closer to peace. Remind me that my shouting to the sky in pain is why I am here. It is a conversation with God and a prayer to myself that needs to happen so that I may catch my breath, wipe my tears, and see the parted storms reveal the forgotten sky. Remind me however you can, that this life isn't meant to mirror anything else I've ever witnessed. There is no counterpart twin to this soul's path. And so, in my loneliness, remind me that I, in fact, am exactly where I need to be. I am accompanied by everything that came before me and everything standing by my side, so that I may be me, here. 

In this hopeful breath, remind me always dear light in my belly, of possibility. When my fingers are numb and my sight blurry, remind me that time will come again when excitement will fill my lungs. Remind me that waves are meant to pull me back as needed for the next surge ahead and that you know exactly how much preparation I need to welcome that in. Remind me that my longings are heard and my spine caressed as my head bows down in doubt. Remind me at my root of knowing, that I have got this. I can do this and waiting for the tide of energy to come in will get me there. Oh fire at my core, remind me when I forget, how potent my drive is and how accompanied it has always been. Remind me it is all in my favor. Remind me I can and I will. 

Gracious light, remind me of who I am when I am not brave enough to look into the mirror. Lift me up and hold me. Infuse love into my veins and cradle my overworked spirit. Breathe your sun into my chest, so that I radiate the warm glow that brought me here in the first place. 

Remind me.