January 25, 2015

Be Loved

Oh my darling, live life as only you can. Dive in and reach into your chest for that bright and beautiful heart of yours. Let it be your guide, your muse, your music; setting the rhythm for each sacred and perfectly placed step you take. As you dance in this curious space outside of you, smile in all of your glory knowing that the neurosis and wisdom come from the same place.

Fear is magnified in its knowing you will soon override it's existence with a wondrous 'yes'. So go on, my darling. Live as only you can. There are no molds or boundaries. You are far too vast of a light to be constricted by such mirages.  Freedom is inside you, roaming through your veins as the infinite figure circulates your desires; energizing you towards the unexplored.

Love will sustain you, guide you and lift you, to evolve into remembrance of the soul that carries you.

So no holding back. Go make those 'mistakes', if that's what holds you back. Make them loud and clear until they begin to blend with your magic. Make every step with intention. Say it loudly and purposefully. We need to hear you.  We need all of you. It is why you are here. To be loved.

 Every bit of you. We need to love you.

So you see, my darling. Live life as only you can. It is how we are all fed and loved; by your true essence. It is the reason why you are here. Let us love you.