September 28, 2013

At least, that's the way I see it

And so is love. 

It's not pretty or buttoned-up and presentable. 
It's certainly not proper and timely in any way you would expect. 
Love manifests itself in raw, unedited, surprising ways. And yet when it does reveal its presence, everything seems to make sense.  The only way truth can exist. Love never clearly tells you where it's taking you and where you will end up. It'll actually walk you through some scary, shitty and unexpected places. 
It reminds you of how human and vulnerable you are. 
It pushes you until you are down on your knees, begging for some relief.  And the very minute you find yourself surrendering, handing over your ego on a silver platter and begging for mercy, that's when love shows its clever face. That's when love takes your face in its hands and says, 'see my darling, that's the heart that needed to shine and let itself be seen. I've been waiting for you to reveal yourself'. 
Love will relentlessly remind you how much lighter and freeing it is when you let it in; Love will reinstate it's trust in you and show you how it has been present all along. It was honoring your evolution. It was admiring your path and letting you go through those experiences so that indeed, you could wake up one day and understand that it has never left your side. 

And so is love. 
Love is not boastful and proud. Love does not exist in fear. Love is not a fantasy. Love is not an attachment or a dependency to hide behind. Love needs you to shine yourself - all of yourself. Love is being soft when your heart is hard and it demands the most from you when you're at your weakest. Love is honest and humble and vulnerable. Love is powerful in silence. And can be so loud it's deafening. 
          It's the explanation behind everything you do. It will always honor you.

          And so is love.

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