June 2, 2011

Love & Growth Beyond Measure...What is success to you?

I've had this quote saved for a long time and re-read it recently. The power of the written word can really grab hold of you. This touched me so deeply now as if I had it saved all those years for this day...

Chasing success is like trying to squeeze a handful of water. The tighter you squeeze, the less water you get. When you chase it, your life becomes the chase, and you become a victim of always wanting more.
If you refuse to change your job (if you dont like it), the only sensible thing you can do is practice loving it every day.
Enjoy everything that happens in your life, but never make your happiness or success dependent on an attachment to any person, place, or thing.
The more you see yourself as what youd like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more youll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality.
Most people are searching for happiness outside of themselves. Thats a fundamental   mistake. Happiness is something you are, and it comes from the way you think.
You are in a partnership with all other human beings, not a contest to be judged better than some and worse than others.
Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored . . . boredom is a choice.
Treat yourself and others with kindness when you eat, exercise, play, work, love, and everything else.
Moneylike health, love, happiness, and all forms of success that you want to create for yourselfis the result of living purposefully. It is not a goal unto itself.
The opposite of courage is not so much fear as it is conformity.
Try viewing everyone who comes into your life as a teacher.
Forgiveness is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. If you cant learn to forgive, you can forget about achieving true   success in your life.
There are limits to material growth, but there are no limits to inner enlightenment.

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  1. Neat!
    ...Happiness is something you are, and it comes from the way you think....whoaaa!

    Need to munch some more on this one...!!!