May 31, 2011

The Heart of a Woman

The heart of a woman
No limit extends to others without thought 
Unconditional and not premeditated
Giving until others are happy
Extending until there is outside calm
Keeping the peace at the sake of her own uneasiness 
Pushing her wish because it doesn't fit in
No one asked - she just does 

Until the day she is weary and doesn't know why
Until she has nothing left for herself and finally realizes that it all needs to start with herself 
Her heart is hers first and foremost and is not to be given away only to be shared : it's nearness alone can breathe such life into another
Ensuring others' happiness before her own
Through time, it all leaves her empty with a realization that all she needs is her own medicine to heal
Her own love to uplift
Her own hug to warm
Her own smile to cheer
Her own adventures to inspire
Her own ear to feel seen
Her own song to awaken her
Her own prayer to believe again
Her own heart to bring her back & fill her with love

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