August 24, 2015

I Am

I breathe deeply. Inhaling and exhaling, breathing life into the depths of me because I have had the wind knocked out of me. I lived once with shallow breaths until I knew enough how deeply I truly wanted to breathe. So I do. And so I am. 

I sing because it feels as though I could fly; away from the cage in which I sometimes paint myself. Song is freedom and connection to the truest and oldest part of my soul. It is how I come alive. I sing. I am. 

I run because I was told to stand still and walk in straight lines for the majority of my life. I continued out of not knowing there was another way; until I figured it out when it became uncomfortable enough. So I run to remind myself I can pave my own way; that I'm not tied to anything, anyone or to myself. I run even when I don't know where I'm going. I run. I am. 

I stare at the sky in awe. Day or night. I stare. I stretch out my arms and feel how boundless I am. I stare in gratitude for the world around me and the gift it is to be alive. I stare because It is a reminder of how small I sometimes shrink into made up stories. I stretch and stare at the infinite horizons and skies to show that there really are no limits. I am. 

I write words because it is the spine of who I am. Writing is a manifestation of my dialogue with this universe. It is how I feel through my humanness and how I listen to the Divine. Words come through me and reveal my soul's whispers and screams. Words breathe life into my observations. It is how I breathe, smile, cry, study, connect and feel life. They are my reminder, my humility, my possibility, my empowerment, relief and hope. Words are my mirror; my greatest teacher. I write. I am. 

I practice yoga. It is my sanctuary. Yoga is how I use my body to explore within. It is my practice for evolution, love, forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance, surrender, and to break through barriers. I practice yoga to connect with my spirit, with others, with this body on this ground and to the God of my own unique understanding. It is how I observe my thoughts. How my body listens to my head. And how my head bows to my heart. Yoga is strengthening the foundation in preparation for flight. Root to rise. I practice. I am. 

I meditate to listen. To return. To begin again and again. To allow my spirit the breathing room it deserves. I meditate to be. To open myself to a connection grander than myself. I meditate to allow myself the space and silence to be. Without judgement or thought. In silence, I am. 

I am. 

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