August 24, 2015

Don't You See?

Don't you see? 

Your breath is enough to give my wings flight. 
Your song gives my tired heart the rhythm it needed to awaken. 
Your courage stokes this fire that has been kindling in my belly. 
Your smile warms my bones like a summer day. 
Your release of what does not serve you allows my exhale to surrender. 

Your trust ignites the stars above so I can have evidence enough of my magic. 
Your song lifts me forward in grace. 
Your creation reminds me of the boundless possibilities I can manifest. 

This is our exchange. Our inhales and exhales take turns on this mysterious and wondrous journey.  

And so we remind one another of what it is to truly live. Your love brings color to the dreams I want to unleash. 

I am the ocean and you the sky. 
The infinite horizon between us blurs. 
Most humans can't distinguish where we separate. 

We don't darling. 
We are one in the same. 
An interdependent being of experiences, inspirations and lessons. 

You see it now? 

I knew you would. 

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