October 21, 2011

Atlanta Friends...My dad teaches Yoga! Go see him!


My dad has been a yoga student and teacher for years now and he is currently teaching at his apartment complex (ENSO) in East Atlanta on Sundays for those of you who are interested. You are guaranteed to laugh and really gain something out of his classes...He'll also gladly spend time with you for any specific goals or needs you may have.

He's looking to build a strong enough following so that he can fully dedicate himself to doing what he loves...and by the way, he was born to do this...he's amazing!

So please, please check him out. Donations only for now so no lavish fees for yoga anymore! Tell your friends around the city. Post this flyer...Spread the word!

Many thanks! I know you'll really enjoy it. I wish I could more often...:)

(Feel free to contact me if you need directions or have any questions / jocelynblanco@mac.com)

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