January 1, 2017


A question is the birth of a whispered answer, yearning to be seen. 
It will appear. 

Let Silence find you. 

Or better yet, be so overwhelmed by noise, yours or external, that you seek the richness of quietude. 
Allow my restless mind to find peace so that my heart may speak its purpose. Oh gentle heart, remind me that opening is the only way to see and to be seen; to love and to be loved. 
It is the epicenter of our existence. 

In the despair of the discomfort, remind me that my body responds as it is told. 
In silence, the whispers of intuition can melt the brick and mortar I carry around as a body. Noise makes for heavy wings. And flying deems a lightness and a conviction, leaning into the unknown; leaning into those relentless winds. 

Embody your questions and brave an answer. Hesitation delays our experience of your medicine. Radical love is needed. Declared empathy and compassion cannot exist without your oxygen. Our presence of light must be louder than the shadows of fear.

Love can melt steel. 

Love can transform. 

We are starved for it, and aching to give it away. Live the exchange now. It is how we shrink the suffering. We must stand united in the transformation of uplift and compassion. Loudly. Mending wounds. Deflating darkness. Creating a new possibility. 

We are the answer. A supported collective. Honoring life by creating with the same paint brush that created us, and all living beings. We are the call to any question. 

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