September 28, 2015

A Love Letter

Youth is beautiful. There is no denying what the eye can see. A consensus effortlessly presented, allured, and enjoyed. Youth carries that. A beautiful innocence and existence of living on the surety of inexperience. It is a state of being without truly knowing its juxtaposition. Trust without questioning its value. 

Youth comes with a faith that exists without resistance or leverage that develops from being tested. There’s a freedom that just is, at no cost or effort. The road intended for youth is untouched, clean and new. There is tremendous beauty in youth. Whether observed by those who have expended it or those able to observe while still breathing its sweet age. Physical beauty. A young face and body. A young heart. An unobstructed energy. It is indeed beautiful. 

There is also the kind of beauty that unfolds with age and experience. It is depth found after digging in muddy trenches with tested trust and freedom. This Beauty is found in trembling vulnerability and earned belief. The surface wrinkles and hair turns grey, as the spirit sparks and is reintroduced to itself. We have seen first-hand what was once given to us. We have repeatedly fallen until we learned and the skin we carry tells our stories. 

Beauty that comes with age is in the bones and roots unseen to the naked eye. It is a felt beauty. Beauty of the spirit. Beauty grown by humility and experience. Beauty that has birthed our souls and weathered our physical exteriors. This beauty shines from the inside. It is manifested through our resilience. 

It is a peace in the discomfort. This kind of beauty fuels a magnetism from your core, felt only by others who recognize the will. It is what propels life forward in evolution. Beauty unfolded through age is the heartbeat of all possibility. It is where change is fueled. It is the opportunity that perseverance creates, the surrender that strife for change offers, and the blossoming of authenticity. 

It is you, unfolding. Opening. 

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